My Last Year as A Phoenix Suns Fan

Phoenix Suns FanI’m sure we can all remember our first sporting event we attended, I’ll never forget the Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks game I saw with my Father in 1989. I remember walking into ,what seemed like, a brand new shiny area that had colors so vibrant they would confuse my 700 pound RCA tube television back at home . Kevin Willis might as well have been the Incredible Hulk with his monsterous height and interior scoring ability.It felt as if I had been blind and deaf my whole life and Veterans Memorial Coliseum shook these senses alive. Of course, the old Coliseum was run down and on the verge of collapse but that was the magic of the Suns and sports in general. Every sports fan has a similar story that is equally beautiful and romantic . However, eventually there is an end to the story and romance. Continue reading →

The Pittsburgh Pirates can thank me now

Pittsburgh PiratesAnyone who has had the pleasure, or displeasure, of reading The Show Speak over the last few years understands the Pittsburgh Pirates are my Achilles heal when it comes to predictions – and it is not like I am some sort of a Nate Silver protege.  

The Pirates are the primary reason I am formally scared scarred from making baseball predictions. Continue reading →

Gerardo Parra And The Rare Bunt Double

gerardo-parraWatch Gerardo Parra of the Arizona Diamondbacks bunt for a double in a game against the New York Mets on July 4, 2013.

According to Beyond The Box Score, there have been 37 bunt doubles in recorded MLB history prior to Parra’s bunt double today.  Jackie Robinson had the first recorded bunt double in 1951.

There has never been a recorded bunt triple in MLB history.

The Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Mets in 15 innings, 5-4.