Baseball Coaching Tips for High School Players

Baseball is a wonderful game. Being a successful coach is not so easy. However, with some valid points and techniques, it can be done. The key to being successive for a team is to keep concentration on the ball at all times.




baseball hitting tips


Source: Yell 


  1. Batting: During batting, retain the focus on the speed of the ball and also examine the swing if the bowler is experienced enough for it. Never go for the first ball. Testing the bowler is a key thing to hit home runs. When you hit the ball, keep the sure on the ball. If you run without having any idea of where the ball is, it might end up badly for you that you will not be safe to score runs for your team.



  1. Bowling: Have much training by staining your hand. If you train slowly, and you try to bowl faster in the game, you will be injured and will not make it for the next match. Learn to bowl swings. Control the speed and never let the man with the bat guess your speed. When you have a strike, change the way you bowl for the next two balls and you will have three strikes in a row easily most of the time.



  1. Fielding: Never let your imagination take control when you are on the field. Keep an eye on the surroundings as well. Catch the ball always with the hand which has more possibility of a successive catch and let the other hand without the glove help you to keep the ball from getting away from your hand. If dropped, do not stand there feeling bad about the drop. Pick the ball and throw immediately.



To achieve all the above with ease, train hard. There are lots of warm up exercises.If you are the coach, keep your students in control and disciplined.