Baseball, which is called as bat and ball game, is played between nine players and is of two teams. The batsman hits the ball and runs counter clockwise to score the runs. The field consists of four plates namely first, second, third and home. The score is counted when the batsman reaches home plate. The opponent team will always try to hit the batting team out by preventing their runs. When there is an out for three times, then the batting and bowling teams get interchanged. This game mainly consists of nine innings and the team which score the highest runs will be the winner. Here are some of the baseball practice plans that you should follow:

  1. Whiffle Ball Batting

The main skills of the game are throwing and receiving of the ball. When kids are practising these critical skill games, they should be supervised. When we are allowing our kids to play the best ball is a pickle ball. If we are hiring a coach he can train for two kids. If two coaches are hired, then they can give training for four kids. A professional coach can give coaching for three kids, but he can charge more fee. While playing, half the kids should bat and half should chase the ball.

  1. Skill Build Up Warm Up

To develop skills for basketball and to warm up the bodies there are many activities which can be done. Developing basketball skills can be done by making the kids follow up some series of activities. Once the player started practising, he will learn all the core skill. Then the player can go to skill building a warm-up portion of the practice.

  1. Practicing catches

The important part of the practice is playing catch practice and is referred to as warming up. Ten to fifteen minutes while starting the game should practice catches. Make sure that each and every player is using proper catching and throwing technique. When kids are practising an adult should be there to guide by standing at each group of kids. More time wasting in the game is kids chasing after the ball. To avoid the time wasted, adults should stand behind each group of kids.

  1. Batting practice

To perform this practice section in the field, eleven kids should be standing with one kid batting. Batting practice is a twelve player drill is structured that everyone should engage in applying his or her skills in the game. The total activity is to guide them how to set up and run a proper batting practice.

  1. Scrimmage

After practising a lot, they need to know where they need to apply their skills and develop. Moreover, make sure that they have a strong desire to play. Our goal is to create a practice environment which inspires them to practice more. This is a controlled practice where teaching and guiding them throughout the practice.The coach has to acknowledge things make by a kid if needed instruct them.The teaching period should be less in brief, 10-20 seconds, Don’t stop the game more.